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Industry experience

We have experienced that tools which are used today often make it cumbersome for collaboration in large complex projects. Here it is typical that several solutions are used at the same time and that it quickly becomes difficult to keep track, and that processes against suppliers and reporting must be done manually.

Own intelligent project management platform

We want to improve, simplify, and automate this. Therefore, we at Limber have developed our own intelligent project management platform that streamlines processes and management for complex projects. The platform makes it easier to manage everything from customer documentation to process mapping and organization, which facilitates more efficient collaboration across the organization. It creates an exceptionally good overview of project and professional requirements, with intuitive features and ease of use.

For engineers by engineers

The solution is tailored by and for engineers who want a better overview, simpler documentation, and effective collaboration. We can point to fast implementation time and productivity effects with existing customers.

About Us

Founded by engineers and made for engineering projects, Limber Projects is challenging traditional project management.

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Limber AS, org. ID 918594965
Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21,
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