Meet Limber

Limber projects was founded by engineers and made for engineering projects. Our team is located in both Norway and Finland

Oslo team

Simon Hermans


Simon is deeply invested in the success of Limber and our customers. Based on his experience in managing complex Oil & Gas projects, Simon has relentlessly kept the Limber vision as our North Star. With a M.Sc. in Engineering specialized in Process Technology and Industrial Economics he is always thinking big, never hesitatating to do the right thing instead of the easy thing.

Erik Ackles


Grounded in his successful track record of growing businesses in the Oil & Gas sector, Erik in his role as COO and senior partner vigurously keeps Limber growing and evolving. Never showing up without a smile on his face and with a firm can-do mentality Erik never lets an opportunity go unexplored or a challenge unresolved.

Even Mehammer

Solution specialist

Even truly has both feet planted on the ground through 15+ years of experience in the O&G industry, of which almost a decade managing complex projects and resources. He brings a tremendous boost of real-world experience to the Limber team, spearheaded by an unwavering get-things-done mentality.

Helsinki team

Jonathan Aschan

Lead Frontend Engineer

Our Lead Frontend Engineer Jonathan is truly passionate about finding novel UX solutions that work in synergy with all things backend. Jonathan always puts the product and the user first, always going the extra mile for the right solution. His M.Sc. in Computer Engineering and diverse experience in software engineering and within the startup community shines through every day in the form of feedback from delighted Limber users.

Kristian Nordman

Lead Backend Engineer

With his otherworldly ability to focus, Kristian is leading all backend development in Limber. His passion solving complex problems with software stems from extensive experience in software development and an M.Sc. in Engineering specialized in Product Development, Mechatronics and Applied Mathematics. Never hesitating to jump on a call with customers, Kristian is always eager to truly understand the underlying challenges.

Sonja Malmström

Customer Success Manager & Junior Engineer

Our Customer Success Manager Sonja introduces new customers to the Limber platform. Her super power is combining customer service experience with hands-on development in order to provide resolution times that are second to none in our industry. With a B.Eng. in Information Technology and a firm focus on data analytics, she makes sure we ground all product decisions based on real data.

Max Weijola

Product Manager

As The Product Manager, Max constantly find himself in the middle of the spider's web, coordinating customer needs, support requests, development requirements and most other things a rapidly growing startup finds itself needing. His background stems from a M.Sc. in Computer Engineering, working in roles such as QA and portfolio management.

About Us

Founded by engineers and made for engineering projects, Limber Projects is challenging traditional project management.

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Limber AS, org. ID 918594965
Oslo Science Park, Gaustadalléen 21,
N-0349 Oslo, Norway

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